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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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Dual boot Mac OS X 86 with Vista on ur PC!!!

hey folks…
after all crap.. figured out one simple and easiest way
to install mac os X86 beside vista. Installing it with Xp is a lot
easier bt in case of vista the credit goes to the new boot loader
BCDedit.exe which has made it really an ease to dual boot vista with
any other OS.Well i was sarcastic!!!

So here is how to do this:

of all copy the Mac OS X 86 image to one of ur harddisk partition,
ofcourse ‘af’ formatted. Getting the image is ur headache not mine..use
linux live cd to do this!!! Howtos can easily be found on many forums.
Go to
Things to be taken care of:

#the partition should be a primary partiton.
partition should not be under any extended partition on the disk, in
this case mac boot loader darvin will not be able to search it and will
give a "chain boot error".

after u all set with the above paraphernalias …let’s get to work.

Copy the ‘chain0′ file to any removable media…i just need to take it to your windows partition…whatever method u like….

boot to vista…

a software VISTABOOT LOADER MADE EASY….several of them are
avaliable…all are same…anyone will do fine..i choosed VISTABOOT
PRO2.1..available free to download…do googling…

install and
run this software… then go to MANAGE ENTRIES tab…add new ‘legacy
OS’…give your default windows drive in name; for example C: in most
of the cases.

Now we need ‘ntldr’ and ‘boot.ini’ in your vista which can be copied from any xp running pc or can be downloaded from this page itself…i have attached…both zipped in a folder…Infact i would recommand you to download the file as it has been already changed by me.  you need not to play around this untill unless you native windows partition is not C:.
these are protected operating system files..hidden !!! so don’t forget
to ‘show hidden files’ and uncheck ‘hide protected operating system
files’ in ‘folder options’ menu before moving on otherwise you won’t be
able to see anything.

now make an entry in boot.ini as
C:chain0=MAC OS X

you are all done… restart the machine and boot to MAC…

to you should not be installing some updates in order
to keep running mac on your pc, u know after all it’s illegal!!!
for details visit: OsX 86 home

Enjoy!!! n feel free to contact….

Thanks goes to me and my roommate.


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Racing with time….

sry for perturbing title phrase… bt actyally the bzy days are back… the exams’ time… v even donn hv time to be bored… or am i bored with these heavy craps…. overloaded with SSD …  i m not able to sleep in night..this week i ended up with 3 projects …in 2 of which i was supposed to rite sm 50 pgs reports too…and the tragedy on this is the comin winged typhoon of endsem which gonna  blow me away with it n all the bitter, of course, memories of this sem- xcept the virulently acrimonious results-wud be left behind… So i amracing with time… most precisely bad time:
Now days i hv changed ma schedule a l’il .. i do wake up at 12:00+ in the noon after trying hard to not to sleep in the morning… i m not even happy wid my laptop… u know y??k first lemme finish the schedule thing first… after waking up 1 hr goes in drowsing n yawning… then smbdy cms to room n tells"bhai tut bhi jaana hain uth ja.." then me hurried n worried…running hither n thither…gets ready in just 5 minutes…aha finally i m in the tutorials room merely 5 minutes late… subah se kuch nahin khaya hain… so there is goin a mouse n elephant run inside my belly... nt getting nething wat the prof is articulatin.. all goin abov ma head…even at this very moment i ain’t harassed cuz when i look around i found all alike me…nobdy is solving pbms…is it a tut or some gossip hr??? after tut i rush to canteen with sm of ma close friends …5 minutes n m dn with lunch so nw i am here at 2:10 pm …10 minutes past the genuine lab timings.. standing in Food Court waiting for my Orange Juice… aha… nw i am running towards the lab with my orange juice…finally finish it just before entering the lab n drop d glass in the very last dustbin…
2 ghante ki mast lab hoti hain….just orkutting and checking mails… these 2 hrs r enough for me to check all my 10 or 12 ,i dont exactly remember.., email ids ….and other stuff 10 times… uffffffffff the TA has caught me???sry sir…first time actually….wun’t happen again….
lab is over back to room …back to my lappy(laptop)… checking orkut again… no scrap… it’s 5pm nw…time to go to RC(resource centre…library)…and then i am down to my knees,studying hard ….raat ke 2 baj gaye nd me back to room…bt neend nahin aa rahin hain…aha…it’s bakar time…doston ke saath bakar kerne ka time ..atleast for one hour,..and then movie time…on an avg…1 movie daily…
yesterday saw PITCH BLACK…ultimate crap…the day before Butterfly Effect …n1…
it’s 8:00am in morning…the studious guyz has woken up…gettin ready for lectures…u guess wat i m doin???
me ressisting sleep…trying hard to open my heavy lids…bt not successful so back to dreams…the story resumes back fromthe wake up part now
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The first one



Be what you are say what you feel cuz those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.


Hi Kiths …

Here comes my first blog entry, actually perpetual . This one is something like forced on me by the TECHNORATI server as i wanted to register my msn space blog there. They ppl asked me to do whatever i hv done below to prove my possession on this blog. I mean to link my Technorati profile to this page:

Technorati Profile

Hey folks see you later…

bbye for now… 


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